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Société Française Radiation Oncology

An organisation that is concerned with the provision of information about radiation oncology.

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The Modern Cancer Treatment

Radiation oncology is not the only treatment method which is mentioned on the site. Rather, other treatment techniques are also referred to.

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Gustave Roussy

It is a great centre for the treatment of cancer patients. The centre offers integrated..


Marseille Paoli-Calmettes

This is a centre which serves the local population in Marseille.


Centre Chirugical

This is one of the best hospitals in France offering treatment in cancer. It uses a wide range..


Clinique De L’Alma

The centre is located in Paris at the Eiffel Tower where it has continued to send shockwaves..


5 Well Known Oncologists In


Radiation oncology has emerged as one of the most reliable ways of treating cancer. Over the years, it has grown in popularity to become one of the world’s leading cancer treatment methods. This is mainly owed to the numerous benefits that are associated with it.

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Things You Should Know About


The search for the best treatment for cancer is not over yet. This is despite the coming of various treatment methods which promise to deliver mind blowing results. Today, the list of methods for treating cancer is actually endless.

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17 Professional Institutions And Organizations Concerned With


Cancer is a medical condition that the entire world is up against. Therefore, the organisations fighting against cancer or promoting the battle against cancer in one way or another are actually spread all over the world. But, there are those which have gained global recognition based on their insurmountable contribution to the overall fight against cancer.

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Our site is home to information pertaining to radiation oncology. Over the years, this treatment technique has proven to be one of the best ways to treat cancer.


Cancer is one such name that nobody wants to hear. It is disease in which the cells of the human body begin to multiply around the sounding organs or tissue; such is the phenomena in almost all kinds of cancer. Some types of cancers form solid masses, also known as tumours. These tumours are actually a mass of […]

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The Société Française Radiation Oncology is an organisation that is concerned with the provision of information about radiation oncology.

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