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17 Professional Institutions And Organizations Concerned With Oncology

“Organizations Concerned
With Oncology”

Cancer is a medical condition that the entire world is up against. Therefore, the organisations fighting against cancer or promoting the battle against cancer in one way or another are actually spread all over the world. But, there are those which have gained global recognition based on their insurmountable contribution to the overall fight against cancer. The following are some of the world’s most renowned organisations taking the lead in the fight against cancer.

  1. Colleges against cancer; a club made of colleges across America mainly interested in spearheading the fight against Cancer.
  2. American Cancer society; a high profile organisation in the US, leading the fight against cancer on the global front.
  3. National cancer institute; an American institution which oversees all programs and research activities against cancer.
  4. International Union against Cancer; headquartered in Washington DC, the union has gained global recognition as a major group fighting against cancer.
  5. American Association for Cancer Research; based in the US, focusing on research in modern cancer treatment.
  6. Association for International Cancer Research; a global organisation with offices spread across the world.
  7. Association Francaise de La maladie de Fanconi; leads the fight against cancer in France.
  8. Association of Cancer Physicians; a reputable cancer organisation based in the UK.
  9. Association of Community Cancer Centres; headquartered in the US.
  10. Association of European Cancer Leagues; offices spread across Europe.
  11. Association of parents with Children that have cancer; headquartered in Spain.
  12. Association of Radiation Oncologists of India; an Indian based leader in the fight against cancer.
  13. Australian lung cancer Trials Group; an Australian society leading the fight against lung cancer.
  14. Australian Prostate Cancer research; headquartered in Australia and leads the fight against prostate cancer.
  15. Bangladeshi cancer society; leads the fight against cancer in Bangladesh.
  16. Austrian Cancer Society; leads the fight against cancer in Austria.
  17. Childhood cancer Foundation; leads the fight against cancer in New Zealand.

All these organisations play a leading role in the fight against cancer both at the global and national front.


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