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5 Well Known Oncologists In France

“France Oncologists”

Radiation oncology has emerged as one of the most reliable ways of treating cancer. Over the years, it has grown in popularity to become one of the world’s leading cancer treatment methods. This is mainly owed to the numerous benefits that are associated with it. It is one of the best options for treating cancer, others being medical and surgical oncology. Sometimes it may be used independently, but it may also be combined with other forms of treating cancer for purposes of optimising the treatment results. For example, it may be combined with surgical oncology in special cases where it works as a continued treatment option.

“France is one in the world who
offers radiation oncology”

Being an advanced form of treating cancer, it is generally available in developed countries. France is one of the countries in the world with a wide pool of hospitals that offer radiation oncology as one of the means of treating cancer. It is also one of the leading countries in the treatment of cancer using radiation oncology and other high profile methods of treating the condition. The country is also home to some of the best oncologists in the world. suppose you want to learn more about the leading oncologists that the country is home to, you can do well to look at the information provided below.

Dr Marc Maidenberg

“Dr Marc Maidenberg”

He is among the most important experts at the Clinique de L’Alma, a reputable cancer treatment centre in France. He is charge of overseeing the treatment of cancer patients at the centre. His credentials have enabled him to ascend to such a position. Most notably, he has immense experience in urological surgery and has worked on many radiation oncology cases in France.

Dr Marc Bollet

“Dr Marc Bollet”

He is one of the most revered oncology experts in all of France. His credentials are beyond all the names stated here. Dr Bollet also enjoys global recognition based on his unmatched contribution to the global fight against cancer. In particular, he is held in high esteem for his sophisticated tool for the treatment of cancer, the stereotactic technique which is used extensively in all parts of the world for treatment high precision cancer cases. Shortly after completing his advanced studies, he was able to serve as a fellow in various globally revered institution around Europe. Today, he is an expert who provides training and research skills in oncology centres around the world especially in France where he is based. There is more to this man than just teaching and spearheading the treatment of cancer using advanced techniques. He is a pioneer of the cancer fraternity in France.

Dr Sarah Dauchy

“Dr Sarah Dauchy”

She is a specialist at one of the most renowned cancer treatment centres in the country. Dr Dauchy works an overseer at the Gustave Rousy Institute of Oncology. The centre is renowned for providing integrated radiation oncology, a feat which has made it highly recognised today.

Dr Assouline Avi

“Dr Assouline Avi”

A specialist who offers cancerology services. He has a high level of experience in the field and has risen among the ranks at the American Hospital of Paris. Dr Assouline contributes greatly to advancement of the treatment of cancer in all of France. He provides expertise in the department of cancerology where he is responsible for assisting patients living with all kinds of cancer to find the right treatment.

Dr Renoux Jerome

“Dr Renoux Jerome”

He is another iconic figure of the American Hospital of Paris in France. His services are mainly available in the field of radiology. Therefore, he is a prolific expert who helps cancer patients to receive the right radiation therapy as often as the need arises. He is able to oversee the administration of even the most sophisticated cases of radiation oncology.

These are the most distinguished figures of the French cancer fraternity. Each of them has been a major player in the fight against cancer. Even though several other medical doctors could have made this list, these names have earned stripes that distinguish them from other medical practitioners. It is important to note that France as one of the leaders in the fight against the cancer, is actually home to many experts in all fields of cancer.

Therefore, it is practically impossible to exhaust the list of radiation oncology experts that the country boasts of.


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