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7 Best Rated Radiation Oncology And Radiation Therapy Hospitals In France

“Radiation therapy hospitals”

Cancer remains one of the world’s deadliest medical conditions. Every year, it claims millions of lives in all parts of the world. But, there is hope for people living with cancer. Gone are the days when being diagnosed with cancer almost certainly meant being condemned to death. Following the coming of variable reliable treatment methods, it is now possible to keep cancer cells under control for a taste of time. Thus, it is possible to prolong the lives of people living with cancer. One of the most prolific treatment methods that are used today is radiation therapy.

“Oncology radiation machine”

Even though it has been around for quite some time, it is still used today. Its continued use follows the fact that it is quite effective in as far as destroying cancer cells in the body is concerned. Today, it has actually been improved for purposes of achieving better treatment results. The treatment method is mainly offered by high profile hospitals around the world. France is among the leading destinations for cancer treatment and is thus home to some of the best radiation oncology and radiation therapy hospitals in the world. Here is a closer look at some of most highly rated radiation therapy and radiation oncology treatment centres in France. These are recognised both in Europe and around the world.

The Gustave Roussy Institute Of Oncology

“Gustave Roussy Institute Of Oncology”

It is a great centre for the treatment of cancer patients. The centre offers integrated oncology as well as palliative care to patients of cancer. Founded in 1926, the centre remains one of the oldest major treatment centres for cancer patients in France. Today, it remains one of the top centres for research, teaching and treatment of cancer. The centre has also gained global recognition as one of the world leaders in the fight against cancer.

Marseille Paoli-Calmettes Institute

“Marseille Paoli-Calmettes Institute”

This is a centre which serves the local population in Marseille. It is an amazing centre owing to its great collection of advanced technologies for the treatment of cancer. The centre also features some of the best equipment for the administration of radiation oncology.

Centre Chirugical

“Centre Chirugical”

This is one of the best hospitals in France offering treatment in cancer. It uses a wide range of advanced tools for the treatment of cancer patients. The centre is mainly held in high esteem for its unique ability to deliver unmatched chemotherapy, it recently extended its radiation oncology abilities. The hospital is located in Paris, France and is a private institution dedicated to the treatment of cancer.

Clinique De L’Alma

“Clinique De L’Alma”

The centre is located in Paris at the Eiffel Tower where it has continued to send shockwaves across the entire cancer treatment fraternity. It is held in high esteem by many patients in France and beyond based on its amazing treatment abilities. The centre boasts of close to 100 specialists which oversee the administration of cancer treatment. It also boasts of many technologically advanced cancer treatment tools.

CHP Saint Gregoire

“CHP Saint Gregoire”

Another great private hospital in France. It is mainly renowned for its highly competitive ability to provide advanced cancer treatment for all patients of cancers. The private hospital is located in Renne, France.

Institute Curie

“Institute Curie”

A famous French treatment centre which is able to deal with a wide range of cancer cases. It is home to many iconic radiation oncology experts and has even hosted Dr Marc Bollot when he was at the height of his medical career. The centre is able to treat all kinds of cancers through the use of sophisticated treatment techniques including the stereotactic method.

Hartmann Oncology Radiotherapy Group

“Hartmann Oncology
Radiotherapy Group”

A French treatment centre for cancer patients. The Hartman Group has a number of techniques for the treatment of cancer including modern treatment techniques which involve the use of the radiotherapy machines to achieve procedures such as the Volumic arc therapy, the image guided therapy and even the most sophisticated method, the stereotactic technique.

These are the major centres that offer radiation oncology in France. But, there are several other centres which could not make the list based on their ranks in as far as the treatment of cancer is concerned. It is worth recalling that France is a major destination for patients of cancer. Being a developed country with many state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, the country remains one of the global leaders in the fight against cancer.

Therefore, these are but a few of the many centres that are able to treat cancer through the use of radiation oncology.


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