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The Société Française Radiation Oncology is an organisation that is concerned with the provision of information about radiation oncology. It is an independent organisation which works tirelessly to bring to light information pertaining to the treatment of cancer. In particular, it prides itself as a leader in the provision of information on radiation oncology and how it can be used to treat cancer. It focuses on the treatment of cancer through the use of radiation oncology as provided by the centres and oncologists in France. Our aim is to make sure that the world is given enough information on the various techniques that can be used for the treatment of cancer. Some of the most notable areas that are covered by our website are indicated.

Basic Information About Radiation Oncology

Our site is home to information pertaining to radiation oncology. Over the years, this treatment technique has proven to be one of the best ways to treat cancer. Not shocking, it is one of the few treatment methods that are used extensively today. Our website has information on how the method can be used to treat cancer. It also reveals the various pros and cons that are associated with radiation oncology. Visit our website if you want to have in-depth knowledge on radiation oncology as a means of treating cancer.

Information About The Modern Cancer Treatment Techniques

Radiation oncology is not the only treatment method which is mentioned on the site. Rather, other treatment techniques are also referred to. You may learn about chemotherapy, drugs that are used in the treatment of cancer and even surgical treatment methods and how they may be combined with radiation oncology. Further, there is also information on the various machines that can be used to treat cancer by means of the radiation oncology technique.

Learn About The Various Cancer Treatment Centres Leading The Fight Against Cancer In France

Our site also features information on the various cancer treatment centres that are present in the country. This is the site to visit if you want to know more about the many centres that are leading the fight against cancer in France.

Find Out Which Global Organisations And Societies Are In The Forefront Against Cancer

The site also has a lot of information on the many organisations around the world which are pioneering the fight against cancer on the global front. This includes organisations in France as well as other countries in the world.

Learn More About The Best Oncologists In France

If you want to know more about the oncologists that are found in France, this is the site to visit. You can find some information on some of the most revered oncologists in France.

Learn More About Living A Healthy Lifestyle As A Cancer Patient

Our site is also home to information on how to live as a cancer patient. It provides information on the best foods to consume and those to avoid. The site also explains why certain foods may be consumed and why others may not be consumed.


The Société Française Radiation Oncology is an organisation that is concerned with the provision of information about radiation oncology.

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