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“Cancer treatment”

Cancer is by far one of the world’s deadliest medical conditions. Being diagnosed with cancer often sends ripples of shivers across the spines of patients and their loved ones. It is perhaps one of the most daunting life experiences that any human being can recount. In the past, being diagnosed with cancer was equivalent to announcing a death penalty. But, the story is different today following the coming of numerous viable treatment methods. As such, there are many people who have managed to survive despite having suffered from cancer for a prolonged period of time. Here is a look at some of the most inspiring stories told by cancer survivors. These are real life stories told by real patients.

Ron, Anal Cancer

He learned that he had anal cancer in 2013 following a series of diagnoses. After being diagnosed, he signed up for treatment at one of the centres run by the Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Pa.

His life has never been the same. He has successfully managed to keep his cancer under control by means of radiation therapy.

Mary, Breast Cancer

Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, after which she went through a series of consultations to ascertain the best treatment option for her. It was determined that radiation oncology was best for her case of breast cancer. She has been on treatment since 2015 and has continued to respond positively to radiation oncology.

Brad, Prostate Cancer

Brad learned that he had prostate cancer in 2011. He quickly requested for the scrutiny of his state of cancer to determine the right treatment option. Doctors recommended the use of radiation oncology, a treatment option which he still favours up to this day.

Mellissa, Breast Cancer

“Mellissa, Breast Cancer”

Mellissa had breast cancer a few years before she was diagnosed. She and her dad Brad (indicated above) had both acquired treatment from the same treatment centre. Since her diagnosis in 2015, she has been receiving radiation oncology treatment from one of centres in Minneapolis.

All the stories above are real and were told by real cancer survivors. However, the names used are false to protect the privacy of the individuals. All the individuals indicated above had received their cancer treatment from the Minneapolis Radiation Oncology treatment centre. It is a group of highly motivated experts who are specialised in the treatment of cancer through the use of radiation oncology. Located along France Avenue in Minneapolis, the Edna centre plays host to many cases of cancer.


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