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Modern Cancer Drugs And Radiation Therapy Machines

2018-06-20 0

“Modern cancer treatment”

The treatment of cancer has continued to evolve at an amazing pace as scientists continue to search for the most viable way to treat the condition. Today, radiation oncology is preferred by most cancer patients owing to its numerous advantages. Most importantly, it yields the right treatment results quickly. Generally, very few forms of cancer treatment are able to compete with radiation oncology. A good number of treatment procedures that exist today are actually unable to replicate its simplicity and quick nature. As stated earlier, it mainly involves being subjected to a well calculated dose of radiation. The radiation is allowed to do its work for a specific time frame. This procedure is often repeated on a number of occasions for effectiveness. There are also drugs that are used to administer radiation therapy. Here is a look at the major ways in which the condition is treated.

Cancer Treatment Drugs

“Drugs used for cancer treatment”

In chemotherapy, the treatment of cancer is mainly achieved through the use of drugs. The drugs are used to target specific cancer cells in the body. Some drugs may be used independently, while others are used in collaboration with other drugs. Major examples of drugs that are used to treat cancer are abemaciclib, ABVD and Doxorubicin.

There are several other drugs that are used to treat cancer. Others include Bevacizumab, Dabrafenib, Cabazitaxel, Epoch and FEC which are all approved for use by the FDA and used in the US as well as around the entire globe.

Radiation Oncology Machines

“Modern cancer machines”

Radiation oncology is mainly achieved through the use of a machine that delivers radiation beams externally. It is sometimes achieved through the use of drugs, in which case it is referred to as systemic radiation oncology. The name of the machine that is used to administer radiation oncology is called the Linear accelerator. Other machines that are used for external radiation delivery are proton therapy machines which uses protons to kill the targeted cancer cells, IGRT or image guided machines which targets its radiation on the cancer cells as revealed by imaging techniques and Volumetric-modulated arc radiotherapy machine which circles a patient while delivering radiation.

These are some of the major examples of modern cancer treatment options that are used today. There are several others which have not been indicated based on the fact that they may not be as famous as any of the treatment options indicated above.

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