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FDA Gives Priority Review To Multiple Oncology Agents

2019-04-15 0

The issue of drugs and medicine is not as severe as it is with its approval.

Medicines and drugs cannot be taken and used by patients unless they have been approved by the FDA.

Food and Drug Administration

However, to seriously and quickly consider and get rid of this problem the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has developed a few methods.

In the case of those drugs and medicines that promises and offers far greater chances of being cured from a specific disease when taken, the FDA will issue a fast approval by means of any of the following:

  • Priority Review
  • Breakthrough Therapy
  • Fast Track
  • Accelerated Approval

The FDA provides Priority Review only for those drugs and medicines which offer room for significant improvement once administered to the patient. These medicines are considered to improve the patient’s condition. Furthermore, the FDA has devised many methods to understand the efficiency of the product or the medicine.

The drugs which are approved under Priority Review of the FDA should:

  • Have evidence for the drugs’ or medicines’ effectiveness to improve the condition, improve the diagnosis or improve the healing process once administered to the patient.
  • Either eliminate or reduce the disease or condition for which the drug was made.
  • Have solid evidence for its safety.
  • Have a documented evidence that the drug will improve the patients’ health under serious circumstances.
Only recently, at the beginning of February, FDA gave Priority Review and approvals to various drugs.

Only recently, at the beginning of February, FDA gave Priority Review and approvals to various drugs. Among the large list of drugs to be approved under the FDA’s Priority Review, the drug Erleada was also present.

This drug basically works for those patients who suffer from prostate cancer which has not yet spread to other parts of the body but continues to grow despite the treatment.

Erleada was tested vigorously by the FDA, and the endpoints of the drug were thoroughly considered. The organization tested and found out how long the drug takes to spread through the body or made a note of the time of death after beginning with the treatment. Other than this, the organization also looked into the matter of safety and efficiency of the drug.

Apart from this, there were multiple other oncology agents who were offered an approval under Priority Review. Here is a list of some of the drugs:

  • Dabrafenib (Tafinlar, Novartis) – which is a BRAF inhibitor.
  • Daratumumab (Darzalex; Janssen, Genmab) – which is a monoclonal antibody.
  • Iobenguane I 131 (Azedra, Progenics Pharmaceuticals) – It is a transporter for norepinephrine reuptake.
  • Osimertinib (Tagrisso, AstraZeneca) – This is an inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase.
  • Pembrolizumab (Keytruda, Merck) – It offers anti-PD1 therapy.

All of the above-mentioned drugs and medicines have been tested as per the standards of FDA and have been approved only after showing the expected results of using the drug or medicine.

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The reason for FDA’s incorporation of Priority Review and other methods of quick approval of the drugs was because of the fact that these drugs could improve the quality of life for the patients and will reduce the time for treatment significantly.

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