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Meeting The French Oncologist Dr Marc Bollet

2018-02-20 0

French is at the heart of cancer treatment in Europe. Not shocking, the nation is home to many specialists who oversee the treatment of cancer and spearhead research in various fields pertaining to the treatment of cancer.

One of the nation’s most iconic figures of the nation’s oncology fraternity is Dr Marc Bollet. His presence in the field has helped spur research and treatment of cancer.

Brief History

“Marc Bollet brief history”

Marc Bollet started out as a medical student at Nancy University where he developed a deep interest in studies related to cancer. This led to obtain additional degrees in MSc Biological and Medical studies along with a MSc in Biochemistry. He also obtained a diploma in medical statistics. Following his completion of the diploma in medical statistics, he went on to pursue a research in Radiation and imagery after he was awarded a scholarship a State scholarship. Thanks to his research, he was able to delve into the subject of pelvic cancers. He focused mainly on the improvement of radiotherapy of various pelvic cancers that exist today, of which prostate cancer is in the lead. This was as early as 1998.

Major Achievements

“Major Achievements”

Following the end of his studies, he was able to achieve a lot and gained global recognition. One of his major achievements is the development of the Stereotatic Radiotherapy, which he developed during his thesis when he was completing his MD studies. The technique is increasingly becoming used today owing to the numerous advantages that are associated with it. One of its major strengths is the fact that it is very precise. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most precise forms of radiation therapies that are available today. It was specifically developed for the treatment of tumours, especially the small brain tumours as well as any functional abnormalities present within the brain. Today, this technique is being used widely for the treatment of brain abnormalities. The technique is still being developed for purposes of making it more effective. Currently, its level of precision lies within 2 mm of the tumour being targeted. With more research, it is likely that the technique’s level of precision is likely to be extended to anything below a millimetre.

The seven years that followed his completion of MD studies saw him shock the world. This was after he published his thesis in 2007 in partial fulfilment of his Ph.D thesis which he obtained from Paris-Sud University. The paper contained information pertaining to breast cancer in young patients.

Contribution To Research And Training

“Contribution To Research
And Training”

As one of the experienced oncologists, Dr Bollet has championed the research in advanced topics pertaining to the treatment of cancer. In particular, he has gained global recognition owing to his deep interest in radiation oncology. It is no wonder that the French oncologist has been able to earn himself a chance to work as a fellow at reputable institutions around the world. For example, he was able to operate as a fellow at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK. The Netherlands Cancer Institute also called him to serve in the same position for a full year.

His research and training skills have been used to train young medical students across the oncology centres in France. Today, he continues to inspire many young medical students across France and the entire world through lectures, seminars and club conferences. Clubs to which is he affiliated are still benefiting greatly from his work as a researcher, trainer and oncologist.

Working As A Professional Oncologist

Marc Bollet has not just lived his whole life as a researcher and teacher. Rather, he has also been involved in a number of cases of cancer as a professional oncologist. He is renowned for his insurmountable contribution to the treatment of cancer using special techniques at various oncology centres in France.

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