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Getting To Know The French Society Of Radiation Oncologists (SFRO)

2018-01-20 0

“French society of
radiation oncologists”

The SFRO was an organisation that was brought on board more than a decade ago for purposes of promoting the teaching of radiation oncology in France. Ever since its inception, the organisation has grown extensively. It now features as many as 120 members from across France. The members are afforded an opportunity to learn about radiation oncology and to acquire in-depth knowledge on how to administer treatment through the use of the various techniques that exist today. Every year, two nation courses are organised to enable the members to learn some important information about cancer and how to treat it through the use of radiation oncology. All the members receive an invitation whenever new courses are introduced. The goal is to make sure that all members are at the same level in as far as knowledge is concerned. In case of new information, the members are kept up to date to ensure that they are acquainted with any advancements in the treatment of the disease.

Brief History Of The Society

“Brief History Of The Society”

The society was formed in 2002 and is thus 15 years old. Membership was and remains free to all individuals who have prospects of joining the society. The organisation works hand in hand with other organisations that are involved in the fight against cancer. From 2002, its sister organisation the SJFRO has been working with the SFRO to promote training in cancer treatment. In its nearly two decades of existence, the organisation has worked tirelessly to make sure that its members are given adequate and accurate information on cancer. The society has successfully managed to stimulate research in cancer treatment among its members. Not shocking, a number of amazing results have been registered by the society since the time it was brought on board.

Teaching Information

“Following information for
the courses”

Every year, the society invites its members following the addition of new courses. This is aimed at making sure that all the members are exposed to the same nature of information. There are many teaching courses that the society offers to its members. The teaching information and courses are taught by highly qualified professors whose credentials are backed by immense experience in the treatment of cancer using radiation oncology. All the courses that are provided by the society are directly related to cancer itself (without special reference to any type of cancer). The society has a well organised teaching structure. It features four semesters of radiation oncology, two semesters awarded to medical oncology and another two semesters awarded to radiation oncology and its related fields.

Learning Radiation Therapy

“Learning Radiation Therapy”

The organisation is directly involved in the dispensation of various courses to help medical students become fully equipped with knowledge and skills related to radiation oncology. All the individuals who sign up for membership with the society are actually full time medical doctors who have already obtained a medical studies degree. It takes around six years for medical doctors to complete their studies in France. Once they have successfully completed their studies. The study time frame at the society’s learning centres normally lasts five years. This is often referred to as the residency time.

“Radiation oncology residency”

Therefore, students who enrol for radiation oncology are said to enrol for radiation oncology residency. During the course of the five years, the society receives a wide range of courses which are taught one after another or alongside each other. The major courses that the society receives are cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology, genetics, medical imaging, cell death, immunity, pathology, stem cells, oncogenesis, epidemiology, chemotherapy and angiogenesis. There are other mandatory courses which the members are required to attend. These include radiophysics, radiation therapy and radiobiology courses among others.

From the above, it is clear that the SFRO is certainly one of the most important societies in France. Its contribution to the research, treatment of cancer patients and training of medical experts is certainly remarkable.

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